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Date Open / Start Venue Detail Ticket
2018 / 7 / 15 (sun) TBA 沖縄 那覇 Output 【Tomy Wealth 'Prey' Japan Tour 2018】
Clumsy Records presents『museum』
w/ 切刃 / 二律背反 / matreshka

TW Official

Clumsy Records

2018 / 07 / 24 (tue) 19:00 / 19:30 渋谷 Tsutaya O-Nest WHAT IS AND,WHAT IS NOT
-なにがそうでなにがそうでないのか- vol.03
w/ soha / INNOSENT in FORMAL

ぴあ (P118-763)


Lawson (L74040)




Soundtracks / CM

Bake Inc. / DOU
The Elves and the Shoemaker.Co.,Ltd. / Session Adobe MAX Japan 2016
Crossfaith / Across The Future -The Beginning-
Crossfaith / Live In United Kingdom At London Koko
audio-technica / System10 Stompbox experience episode.2 audio-technica × Crossfaith
audio-technica / System10 Stompbox experience episode.1 audio-technica × Crossfaith
ANA / Blue Wing -Wings For Change Makers-
Three Crown / Original Ransel
maxilla / maxillacult : Mpplr-based Projection : HLD v0.1
maxilla / 2012 Showreel

Produce / Remix

nego - Ants (Tomy Wealth Remix) / A Passion
Syza - Militia, Seasons, Absence ft.草薙さゆり and Passage / Militia
Genius P.J’s - Since / Since
Crystal Lake - Astra / The Sign
なのるなもない - 赤い月の夜 (Tomy Wealth Remix) / アカシャの唇 特典
mal da kid - Haikei Myself / Panjang
heaven in her arms × Cohol - 木霊 / 刻光
Antipop Consortium - Reflections (Tomy Wealth Remix) / Fluorescent Black
Shing02 - Luv (sic) Part.5 (Tomy Wealth Remix)
Still Caravan - Colored Snow (Tomy Wealth Remix) / A Human 特典
Ramb Camp - B-Boy Shit (Tomy Wealth Remix) / Ramb Camp 特典

Tomy Wealth
Drummer / Beatmaker / Composer

Tomy Wealthは佐伯 貴之によるソロプロジェクトであり、ドラマー、ビートメイカー、作曲家。
楽曲は全て自ら叩いたドラムプレイからサンプリング&エディットするというスタイルをキャリア当初から貫いており、自身の作品以外にも、コンポーザーとしてCM音楽や他アーティストへの楽曲制作をはじめ 数々の作品を手掛けている。
ライブショウでは自身はドラムを叩き、現在 SamplerにMitsuaki Aoyagi、ViolinにEKIYM(nego)、BassにKoichiro Nishiwaki(FROITO/THROPUS)をライブサポートメンバーとして迎え、国内外のシーンやジャンルに関わらず活動中。

Tomy Wealth is the solo project of drummer, beat maker and composer, Takayuki Saeki.
He has maintained a style of making music by sampling and editing from his own drumming since the start of his career. Apart from his own work, he also composes music for commercials and a variety of other artists.
Tomy Wealth’s signature sound is known for melody that tugs at the heartstrings and refined yet emotional composition, supported by a fictional world isolated from the outside reality.
With the current live lineup of Tomy Wealth on drums and support members - Mitsuaki Aoyagi on sampler, EKIYM (nego) on violin, Koichiro Nishiwaki (FROITO/THROPUS) on bass, Tomy Wealth is active in both local and international scenes, regardless of genre.